Political salaries going up

It’s always a hot topic when politician salaries go up. That appears to be the case as Markham council’s decision to effectively increase their compensation gets more attention.

In an April vote, council opted to assign specific compensation for work with the City’s Markham Enterprises Corporation, the company that holds the City’s interest in Powerstream. All members of council are automatically board members.

Until the vote, the work was included as part of the ongoing duties of council. However, council voted to allow directors a yearly stipend of $5000 per year, plus an extra $325 per meeting, up to 16 meetings a year. The extra compensation could therefore amount to over $10,000 a year which raised eyebrows in a city that boasts relatively good compensation for its council representatives.

The vote, 10 for and 2 against with Ward 3 Councillor Don Hamilton and Regional Councillor Nirmala Armstrong providing the dissenting votes, also allows for additional compensation for the Chair and Vice Chair. The amounts awarded were retroactive to January 2015.