Indian dance take the stage

Menaka Thakkar is a cultural icon. Her Indian dance company, which carries her name, is Canada’s oldest and has been at the forefront of an Indian cultural boom in Canada. For over 30 years, her troupes have delivered hundreds of spectacularly choreographed performances incorporating many styles and ancient themes with contemporary concepts.

The Thakkar production of Wise Monkey, Foolish Crocodile is one such performance that will take the stage at 19 on the Park May 28 at 6:30pm. Based on an ancient Indian collection of fables, it chronicles the dilemma of two animals in a friendship. Not to spoil the ploy or anything, but suffice to say choices are made and in the case of the Croc, a bad one choosing greed over friendship, with regrettable results.

The family-friendly performance is an accessible introduction to Indian Dance and culture for those not familiar and a celebration of culture for those that are. Tickets for the early-evening show are $18. Visit for more information or to order tickets.